Nothing in our shop is ordinary or mass market

We bring a rich diversity of stories and inspiration from every designer and maker.

Our user-friendly, quality-shopping experience allows you to easily find, buy or commission original objects, accessories and fashion pieces directly from the skilled designers, artists and crafts people that create them.

Apart from falling in love with a gorgeous must-have, there are lots of good reasons to buy from us.

You Know Where It Comes From

Not only a transparent and traceable supply chain, we only work with professional independent designers; so all our products are unique to each maker and made using responsibly sourced, often local materials. Each designer is happy to elaborate on the source materials used.

Be a Talent Champion

Every time you use Craft Design House, whether as an online buyer, open studio visitor, exhibition attendee or class participant, you’re supporting the careers of emerging craft and design talent.

We’re Fair To Our Designers

Whenever you buy a product from our website, payment goes to designer maker 10 days later and is forwarded directly to their account minus our commission.

A Chance to Get Creative

Want to unleash your inner artist or bring your ideas to life in a unique piece to gift or treasure? Commission one of our skilled designer makers and own a true original.

Easy to Find

Whether you’re close to home or on your travels, you can use our online location-based design map to find designers, craftspeople, artists and events & experiences near you to plan a visit.

We’re Insatiable

A video portrait of an artist here, a revealing mini-documentary there, a whiff of seasonal trends and a sprinkling of creative leaders… We’re always sniffing out the latest happenings in the craft and design community and sharing online. Sign up to our e-news to be the first to know.

We’re More Than Shopping

Craft Design House is get-your-hands-dirty workshops, studio tours, exhilarating exhibitions and classes for all skill levels. It’s the opportunity to visit local artisans where they work and support them as they grow. Immerse yourself. Sign up to our e-news to be the first to know when our Experiences launch.

And for Gifts

Gift something truly unique. Receiving one of our beautiful letterpressed Gift Cards will give a loved one the chance to explore the methods, inspiration, and stories behind our products, then indulge in something exceptional.

When it arrives, hallmarked with a fingerprint, patina, mark or brush stroke no other piece has, they’ll have the pleasure of owning a true original.

So if there’s a birthday, special anniversary or big occasion on the way, why not treat friends or family to something that’s about as far from mass market as you can get?

Gift Card options, combine as you please: £50, £100 £250.

Gift Cards and Vouchers

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