The virtues of taking it slow

Try taking it slow

Birthdays, Summer Sales, Back-to-school sales, Black Friday, Christmas shopping panic, Boxing Day sales, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day…It’s exhausting just thinking about it.

The world spins around in an annual whir of shopping obligations and incentives with retailers slashing prices on a regular basis, drawing in frenzies of frantic shoppers determined to bag bargains. Some stores resist and discount only lightly or not at all. But many go for it – and buyers respond, whether they need things or not. It’s retail FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) on a massive scale.

It’s fair to say that at Craft Design House we determinedly swim against the current of this particular sales model.

Our Philosophy? Take Your Time.

There’s huge pleasure to be had in choosing and buying something handcrafted, in items that have taken a while to make, using traditional tools and skills passed down over years – or new techniques honed during hours of thoughtful experimentation.

And once it’s yours, you have an original piece hallmarked by passion and commitment – the imprints of the designer maker’s craftsmanship.

Welcome to Slow Buying.

At Craft Design House we’re not alone in our appreciation for taking the scenic route. Across the world, people are turning to simpler approaches in the face of encroaching technology and rushed sales.

We sought the views of a key advocate for all things slow, Carl Honoré, journalist, TED speaker and author of international bestseller In Praise of Slow. He explained why he believes people are starting to realise that the process that created the product matters too:

“I love what Craft Design House are doing, it’s right up my alley. Our home is full of handmade objects – clay pots, ceramic tiles, wooden bowls…Each piece tells a story – of who made it, where it came from and why we bought it, what was happening in our lives at the time. I often find myself pausing to stop and stare. Taking a slow moment to savour an object again and delve back into the memories it evokes. You don’t do that with mass-produced plastic objects.” - Carl Honoré

By giving the customer the opportunity to get involved in the creative experience, our designer makers invite you to co-create with them. You choose them because of how and where they work, then follow and understand the production of your piece.

You get something unique and meaningful, a million miles from mass-manufacture, with a story and a person behind it.

Relish Quality, Not Quantity

Belief in the value of the products we sell is the beating heart of Craft Design House. We want to grow into a can’t-miss destination uniting customers and designer makers who share our philosophy. A mouth-watering online street of independent designer makers showcasing their work in virtual shopfronts you just can’t wait to dive into.

And many of our designer makers aptly fit the description of slow makers. Discover furniture-making virtuoso Namon Gaston on our site and look out for a glimpse inside illustrator Cathy Van Hoppe’s fascinating Old Burrow workshop in a future post.

Slowing down means you get to know these extraordinary artists, designers and craftspeople, they get to know you and we get to be happy matchmakers. It all takes time. But you’ll come away with something that has real, lasting meaning.

Over to Carl again:

“A big part of slowing down is having the right objects close to hand. Forget that that is here today and gone tomorrow. I’m talking about handmade objects and crafts that have a story behind them, that make us pause, that are like characters in our lives." - Carl Honoré