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We are a sustainable design house, working with our clients and partners to build sustainability into their process and develop product ranges accordingly.

Craft Design House provides a unique opportunity to access the skills of an array of designer makers, handpicked and directed by our design studio to achieve cohesive collections that are original, sustainable and transparent in provenance.

Our projects facilitate responsible creation and manufacturing, encourage the use of alternative sustainable materials, and support the long-term financial sustainability of designer makers communities.

Every project we undertake is unique, aligned to your specific needs and budget. Discover our services and how they can serve your business.

Bespoke Collections

Our Bespoke Collections range across Fashion, Accessories, Homeware and Stationery.

Depending on your needs they can function as retail ranges, interior design ranges, or as gifts and brand promotions.

They are designed around your brand or heritage story and style, developing a cohesive narrative across a variety of pieces. The collections engage existing and potential audiences and make their interactions with your brand more memorable.

We work with a curated network of designer makers and responsible, innovative small-batch manufacturers to realise these collections, supporting eco-conscious and ethical practices.

Eco-conscious Souvenirs

Made to make a difference, we create eco-conscious, bespoke souvenirs that are contemporary, playful and accessible.

CDH Souvenirs provides gift shops with unique, sustainable merchandise and visitors with accessible and planet-friendly memories of their trip.

Designed and made by contemporary designers and ethical manufacturing partners, our bespoke souvenirs sustain designer makers and create a blueprint for the responsible creation of typical gift shop products.

Souvenirs don’t have to cost the earth.

Sustainability sourcing and consultancy

We are a sustainable design house, working with clients and partners to build sustainability into their process and develop product ranges accordingly.

We identify practices within your business that can be adapted to improve your environmental impact.

This can include audits of suppliers and processes and will result in a report and recommendations that we can implement for you or leave you to implement yourselves.

We will make recommendations for responsible suppliers and for streamlining processes in ways that will reduce your carbon footprint.

Our design studio is available to provide bespoke solutions should they be required.


Craft Design House experiences complement bespoke collections but are also available as a stand-alone service.

They are ideally suited to team-building exercises, parties and special occasions, hospitality venues, and heritage organisations looking to diversify their offerings. 

Our experiences are an opportunity to immerse yourself in the hands-on world of craft and design or in the stories around which we have built collections. They include demonstrations, story-telling, workshops and talks.  

Craft and design processes have long been recognised for their power to promote a sense of groundedness and wellbeing, in addition to the challenge and satisfaction of grappling with a new skill and creating something with your own hands. 

Mending Boutique

Our Mending Boutique is an integral part of our educational purpose, teaching audiences to self-sufficiently repair and personalize their possessions rather than discarding them when they no longer conform to trends or suffer light damage.

Through workshops and demonstrations with skilled designers and makers, we encourage repurposing and mending personal items.

The skills we teach include embroidery, patch, darning and quilt methods, in addition to workshops focusing repurposing and adapting items for reuse.

The Mending Boutique equips consumers with the knowledge to increase the longevity and relevance of their belongings and to reconsider their relationships with ownership, identity, and waste.

Supporting Services

Our collections work best as part of an integrated marketing strategy. We offer the following additional services to help you get the most out of your collection:

Set up and creation of a marketing strategy

Photography and videography for on/offline use and across social media 

Bespoke retail design and modular display furniture 

Brochure design and content creation to complement your collection

Experiences organisation – this could involve talks, workshops, demonstrations or storytelling designed to create a buzz and get your customers involved and talking about your collection