Tephra pieces are created from layers of Ash which are shaped and sculpted into a fluid, organic form. The layers of ash are representative of their volcanic namesake, laid down repeatedly during recurrent eruptions. As time passes these layers are broken down, eroded and reshaped by nature’s elements. Slowly the shape evolves, becomes more rounded and in some instances undermined to such a degree that its appearance becomes balance defying.

These pieces aim to reflect this natural occurrence not only in its flowing shape and structural make-up but also in its process of manufacture. The removal of material, layer by layer, little by little over time allows the table’s shape to form a singular, flowing and smooth structure.

These series of pieces are created by using a block lamination process which entails glueing squared blocks of wood together, layering them up into a pixilated shape. The blocks are joined together by rectangular wooden splines. The structure is then carved back through many of the layers until the desired shape is created. It is then smoothed and sanded by hand before the finish is applied. Carving through layers in such a fashion distorts the appearance of the blocks, splines and grain patterns meaning that each piece has its own unique aesthetic and personality.

The console table hugs the wall it mounts to via invisible fixing puzzling the viewer about how it balances. It is designed to grace a hallway, entrance way or to create a focal point in any room or space. It is pictured here with its matching wall shelf which is created as a mirror image of the table. It is available to order in a left hand (as shown) or right hand orientation.

Tephra is the name given to a series of furniture pieces created by Alan Flannery Furniture Design, a design studio based in Bristol, United Kingdom. Inspired by the forces, processes and beauty of the natural world the studio set about to design and create a table that reflected these influences in furniture-form. The console table and matching wall shelf/mirrors are the latest instalments leading on from the tephra coffee table, created in 2016.

H89cm W135cm D30cm, Ash

This piece has a typical lead time of 6-8 weeks