This tasty brooch is a reference to an office lunch break and it continues my exploration of what makes up the organised chaos of a 9-5.

Made in 3D printed nylon and sterling silver, this piece is incredibly lightweight. On a coat or a jacket it will sure make the wearer stand out from the crowd.

Evgeniia aspires to combine her classical art training in Russia with her open-minded art training at the GSA in her work to create a unique mix of strict rules and geometry combined with organic, free-flowing motion of thought.

The focus of her work lays in the exploration of repetition, movement and manipulation of grids in combination with a reiteration of geometrical forms. The initial inspiration for her work comes from office spaces and the abundance of repetitive features found within them. Stationary, computer hardware, identical furniture. These all appear in perfect order until human intervention turns them into organised chaos. Evgeniia’s work explores this curious relationship through a combination of contrasts.

Through the use of digital technology and traditional hand skills, Evgeniia creates a balance between geometric precision and soft flowing curves. She use the cube, a reference to an office cubicle, as a basis for many of her pieces. It acts as a starting point for the transformation of a basic shape into a vibrant, energetic object.

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