A signed fine art guild registered limited edition print of only 125. Mounted and wrapped.

Patience. The Fir trees whistled their favourite tune in the Summer sunshine. Keeping time with her gentle footsteps they chorused and swayed in the wind as she trod a playful labyrinth between the trees. Both she and her shy escort had walked for many days and through many weathers but today was a barefoot day. Today her wanderings pleased the trees as much as rich earth around their roots. So dissimilar to the habitual Woodsmen’s footbeats whose heavy boots were full of home thoughts or axe thoughts. They never strayed – the paths end gripped them – eye, mind and shoe. Her feet simply traced the ground – treading carefully amidst the myriad of forest jewels as she searched for treasures to hold in her hands. And Living Treasures that had not yet become Pocket Ornaments, she blessed and admired for she knew that there is a time for everything and in between there is Patience.

Paper and ink