Hand-painted by Camilla Lee to your own personal song choice.

By relating sound to colours, known as chromesthesia, Camilla builds a colour palette from acrylic lacquer and watercolour.

Whilst the commissioned song is playing, colours are picked out from the music. With the brushstrokes being directed by the rhythm and accents in the music.

Each painting is entirely unique, with the name and artist of the song handwritten at the edge of the painting. Other details can be added around the painted circle such as a date or name.

Please add your song choice and any further personalisation requests in the comments box at checkout.

Chromesthesia is a type of synesthesia where colours are seen when sounds are heard. Camilla wanted to find a way to visualise her chromesthesia for others to see and so has created the paintings to reflect this.

Paper, Watercolour and Acrylic Lacquer

Available in two sizes:

Small Framed – H42 W32 D3.5cm
Large Framed – H52 W42 D3.5cm


Made to Order