This First Edition Pearl Dish is a handcrafted object in the heart of your home or workspace.

The Pearl Dish is inspired by the story of a girl named Pearl, who wouldn’t put down her phone. Wanting to take a step back from technology, her parents came up with the idea of a designated place to house it during family time. This story resonated with Gillian Scott, founder of Craft Design House, and led her to design The Pearl Dish, a striking solution to the challenges many of us face with technological boundaries.

The Pearl Dish gives us a place to round up, park or put a lid on our technology and creates the space we need to listen and converse, away from its glare and interruption. It is designed to encourage face-to-face interaction as a conduit to conversation and as a talking point in itself.

Craft Design House has commissioned designers and makers across a variety of disciplines to interpret The Pearl Dish in their own materials and style. This Pearl Dish is designed and made by Sandra Brown of Creative Ceramics, an Edinburgh-based ceramist, in porcelain and decorated in the style of Sandra’s Bovine collection which reflects upon the cow, who provides us with luxury goods which we take for granted, giving little or no thought to the quality of life of the cow.

When I was approached by CDH to design the Pearl Dish I immediately looked at the vast range of pearls there are and was particularly taken with the ‘ringed pearl’. Its irregular rings fitted the brief providing ridges for gripping when lifting the dish to deposit mobile phones. With shiny glaze applied to the dish, gripping proves difficult and a taller handle was necessary.

Through trial and error, we are learnt and adapted the design to produce dishes that were suitable for applying decoration using a variety of surface decoration processes on both the interior and exterior of the dish.

Dimensions: Base diameter 23.5cm, Interior diameter at widest point 19.5cm, Height overall 8.5cm

Made to Order