Designed by Barbara Spence for the Isobel Wylie Hutchison Collection, Carlowrie Castle

The discs at the heart of the designs are representative of the Arctic Moon, seeming almost the same size as the sun. They would also have been a basic but vital element of Isobel’s orientation each day, telling her which way was North so she might continue with her journey.

The same moon and sun would have risen and set each day wherever Isobel was in the world, and they were symbolic for her of connectedness to those who were far away or long lost.

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Materials: Brushed or Polished Silver

Care: Wash gently in soapy water, dry with a soft cloth. Silicon pad can be used for highly polished areas.

Dimensions: Silver Ring Locket 25mm diameter, internal height 2.7mm. Ring shank width 6mm

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