Designed by Ursula Hunter for the Isobel Wylie Hutchison Collection, Carlowrie Castle

The design incorporates ice flows in geometric shapes, Arctic animals including the Polar Bear and the Narwhal that Isobel would have seen on her travels, and a kayak with Inuit sailors that Isobel commissioned.

These elements are interwoven with garlands of two plants that were widely used by the Inuit. The Bearberry which has a rounded leaf and red berries and the Crowberry which has sharply pointed leaves and blue berries.

The pattern is brought together with the stars that would have helped Isobel and her companions to navigate.

Sold in sets of 6

Materials: Hand silk screen printed natural British Linen

Dimensions: 40x40cm. Come as a set of six

Care: Printed natural English Linen. Washable at 40°C

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