These handcrafted pieces of wearable art make a statement on any outfit. They are an opportunity to own something unique, made specifically to your order. Whether you prefer an oxidised or textured finish, a rounder or edgier shape, find the Inside Out Cufflinks that suit you.

Inspired and influenced by minimalism and contemporary architecture, Inside Out is a collection that explores the relationship between internal and external spaces by utilising basic geometric shapes and forms, impressive openings and slots, contrasting textures and colours.

Sheng Zhang is influenced by minimalist art and inspired by contemporary architecture. His passion concentrates on the exploration and expression of the relationship between internal and external spaces with significant contrasting elements such as forms, textures and colours.

The collection involves the utilisation of highlighted incisions and openings to imply and emphasise the links between internal and external space, as well as introducing light as an indicator of different spaces, to allow the viewer to look through and explore the entire piece. This also strengthens the visual response, captures attention and produces curiosity for the viewer.

By employing simple geometric forms and contrasting colours, Sheng demonstrates a minimal style and visual language, which reflects his personality, philosophy and personal aesthetic.

Material: oxidised/textured sterling silver.

Approximate dimension: W17mm x L17mm x H20mm.

This piece is made to order with a typical 3-week lead time.