Genevieve Sweeney Hand Intarsia Cashmere Jumper with diagonal block pattern. Knitted in luxuriously soft 100% cashmere, made in Scotland using a highly skilled artisan knitting technique, knitted by hand. Pattern on front panel.

Hand Intarsia is a traditional knitting technique; the term meaning ‘inlaid by hand’. The yarn is laid onto the needle bed of the machine, colour by colour to create a clean, refined pattern without carrying floats on the back of the design. This technique has a rich heritage found in the Scottish Borders, an incredibly time-consuming process in which the detail and precision can only be achieved by hand. Inspired by this traditional artisan skill, Genevieve has designed a collection that explores, provokes and reinvigorates this technique by fusing it with contemporary style.

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This product is made to order with a typical 3-week lead-time.