Made By. Created By. Designed By.

Provenance is at the heart of Craft Design House’s ethos. Ethics and traceability are key considerations in any business supply chain, knowing that the materials are of acceptable quality and the manufacturers comply with health and safety regulations, but for most companies, this is where the transparency of a product’s origins ends. For us, it is only the beginning.

We take the time to develop personal relationships with each of our designers and makers. We ensure that not only their works but their ethos is in keeping with ours. We know where the designers and makers work, what materials they use and what their output is. We know if they have children and summers are set aside for family time or if they have a big exhibition coming up or if they are designing a new collection. We understand the constraints on their time and our understanding of the creative process allows us to work together to make the process streamlined for all parties involved.

The curated selection of designers and makers with whom Craft Design House is privileged to work combine exceptional quality craftsmanship and materials with a keen eye for detail and a flair for innovation. Quality is their watchword and it pervades the making process from conception to completion. The materials used by each designer or maker are chosen with particular care, with many of them choosing to source locally, and all prioritising sustainability and ethical sourcing options.

Yellow Broom can tell you which forest the trees that became your stunning light were felled in. Maria Sigma of Woven Textiles can probably tell you down to the specific flock of sheep where she sourced her wool. Pea Cooper’s hats may look modern but they are made using heritage millinery techniques with felt moulded on vintage hat blocks. Ruth Brown’s contemporary jewellery honours meticulous and labour-intensive jewellery traditions, some pieces comprising thousands of individual solders. Camilla Lee spent years investigating the different sound qualities of various woods and ceramics, eventually working the most exceptional into organic amplifiers inspired by the look of the gramophone. Jenny Robertson of AnNead Hand Knitwear dedicates hours each day to handknitting cobweb lace, but not satisfied with producing exceptionally intricate and fine knitwear, she hands spins and dyes the yarn she uses too!

Our Made By, Created By and Designed By headings reference individuals and studios rather than factories or countries. It is not simply ‘Made in Britain’ but Made By Carol Sinclair in her Edinburgh studio, Designed By Evgeniia Balashova in Glasgow, Created By Carl Austin in his Cornish workshop. The provenance of each designer maker is key to their creative integrity and quality, sealed with the Craft Design House brooch of authenticity.

Each designer maker has their own showcase within the Craft Design House website where anyone can learn about their backgrounds, inspirations and practices, and view and purchase selected works by them. We follow the journey of each designer maker’s work from studio to purchase and beyond! We have even made it possible for other businesses to do the same through our new program SOURCE, designed to facilitate commissions for use in unique and high-end retail, leisure, design and engaged corporate environments, enabling companies to get exactly what they want along with wonderful stories, all while making a vital contribution to the sustainability of craft and design studios.

Every piece showcased by Craft Design House is a labour of love, sweat and (probably) occasional tears, the culmination of years of rigorous training and experimentation, a testament to each designer makers’ commitment to their discipline.  Through our rigorous selection process, we ensure that all our designer makers are not only of exceptional calibre and in-line with our ethos but also that their style is distinctive and there is no overlap with others that we represent. Each designer maker has their own niche at Craft Design House, so check out our designers for your very own handcrafted unique item, whatever your taste.