Dave Robson and Clare Waddle

Yellow Broom is a collaboration between Edinburgh College of Art sculpture graduates Dave Robson and Clare Waddle.

A joint fascination with the visually attractive, simple yet functional object brought them together to co-design and create a range of wooden lighting.

The highlands provide the ideal place to breathe in the air, observe and realise clarity of mind unpolluted by the speed of the city, here for us the mind becomes a freer place, the perfect choice for a creative. Inspiration comes daily from the simple distractions of the surrounding area.

Clare and Dave work through the medium of lighting. Living with light and dark everyday, as artists the chance to explore its endless possibilities through an object of design brought a new and fulfilling creative process to them both.

Yellow Broom has a zero waste approach to making.

Where possible Clare and Dave try to waste nothing. Most of the wood used to create their lights is sourced locally from sustainable forests in the area.

Their offcuts are used to make their signature wooden business cards, giving a little bit of the product to the recipient which is often recognizable as being from a particular light.

It is their aim that all larger offcuts go towards making one-off products as the pile dictates. YB15 is an example of this, this light is mainly a byproduct of YB13.5. The waste wood shavings from the hand-turned pendant shades are used as packing for all of their lights.

They are currently in the process of exploring the possibilities of converting wood dust into a future product.

Any wood that is unusable through shakes, staining, warping etc helps run their heating system. They heat the workshops, croft and hot water solely from wood.

Clare and David incorporate sustainability into the design and making process through material choice, choosing all their materials responsibly.

Yellow Broom’s timber supplies are from sustained forestry and local estates while windblown trees are their main source of hardwood.