Frank Horn


Uzo Okwuosa


Uzo’s vision has always been to develop simple and stylish creations. Every item is made using traditional methods and tools, which reflects in the final design – a combination of traditional techniques and contemporary features.

The biggest and constant inspiration is the craft itself, and Uzo tries to highlight this in every design, by showcasing specific details such as the stitching, debossing or edging technique.

Uzo creates passionately handcrafted leather goods and accessories, designed and crafted with the quality of human time.

‘I believe I find my voice through making and the language spoken is leathercraft.

I have this attachment to the idea of creating items that embody the processes of the craft, having something that isn’t mass-produced but made by someone with a love for what they do.

I always say I just love to make, it’s as simple as that but it’s a deep passionate love for crafting.’

Uzo loves the indescribable feeling of knowing that people are going about their everyday life using and carrying his creations.