Sophie Martin-Glinel


Heavily influenced by London’s urban environment and architecture, the style is bold and edgy with a fresh take on traditional shapes. Repurposing industrial materials and mixing them with precious metal, Sophie creates eye-catching covetable pieces. Playing on colours, textures and volumes yet keeping lines simple makes Essemgé jewellery highly attractive to both women and men who choose style over fashion.

Sophie is passionate about offering high-quality distinctive pieces of jewellery that will inspire you to express your creativity and feel empowered.

The collection ‘Create Your Style’, in particular, gives the wearer the freedom to play and make their very own pieces by formulating the jewellery components to fit their taste/mood/occasion and build their signature look.

Sophie has been greatly inspired by London’s urban environment and architecture. The variety and mix of designs create a unique combination of traditional buildings and modern creations. With their groundbreaking silhouettes and innovative materials, the latter challenge the senses and push the boundaries both in terms of aesthetics and of building construction techniques.

This idea of innovation and experimentation in forms, materials and techniques in order to create artworks that better reflected modern society is something that Sophie has sought to convey in her jewellery designs.