Creative Ceramics


Sandra Brown


Sandra finds inspiration in nature, ancient cultures and their mark-making and design, architecture and faces. She often works on creating interesting shadows with large and small pieces and light either with candles or electricity, visualising these as pieces of art during the day and light features by night.

Sandra works with the ceramic medium as a form of therapy for herself and to bring relief to many groups and individuals of all ages and abilities, encouraging them to experience the therapeutic benefits of working with clay.

The creative process is a journey where, in the beginning, the outcome is not important. As Sandra repeats the process she sees recurring shapes, patterns and images. Over the years she has produced work which reminiscent of previous pieces she created years before. Sandra usually has a rough idea of what she wants to make although she is always willing to embrace change and ‘happy accidents’.

Sandra has several core ranges of work – repeat pattern decoration on functional pieces – mostly black and white functional pieces using oxides on the outer side for a better grip as well as earthy decoration and more sculptural wall pieces, some of which can hold candles or plants.