Sabrina Facchetti

Sabrina has a background in industrial design and has worked and travelled all around the world. She was constantly fascinated and inspired by how mother nature can express herself in so many different ways.

Sabrina’s job introduced her to new technologies that she decided to apply to her own brand and style of jewellery making, in combination with the constant inspiration that she gets from her surroundings.

There’s so much beauty in this world and we only have to keep our eyes wide open to be able to see it. Sometimes it’s a detail, sometimes it is a different perspective, sometimes it is a new or unexpected combination of elements.

The story behind the brand is a story of contrasting elements that find a connection.

Sabrina finds inspiration in nature and she combines these inspirations with technology, which is her second great passion. Sabrina wanted to merge these elements together to create unique results, with deep meaning and with a low environmental footprint.

Choosing to use technologies and materials that are eco-friendly gives Sabrina the possibility to respect and celebrate nature even more.

Through 3D printing, she is able to reduce the impact on the environment to a minimum and have the freedom to create the shapes her imagination can produce.

Sabrina’s designs have a wild spirit and a strong personality, they are unexpected and monumental to reflect the architectural balance present in nature.