Ruth Brown

Ruth graduated from the department of Silversmithing and Jewellery Design at The Glasgow School of Art in 2016.

Since then, Ruth has exhibited nationally, whilst undertaking a year-long artist residency at the Glasgow School of Art.

Currently, Ruth is a Jeweller in Residence at Hurstpierpoint College in West Sussex, a role created in conjunction with the Goldsmith’s Centre.

Her work is inspired by the repeated linear structures found within urban architecture, and the fragmented images created by the reflective planes of a city.

Ruth is intrigued by illusion and perception.

Through the exploration of reflective surfaces, linear form, and negative space, she attempts to harness visual juxtapositions, to depict the fragmentary nature of observation and understanding. Ruth aims to portray this through the sculptural frameworks of jewellery objects, which are as intriguing off the body as they are when worn.

Her design process is centred around the use of photography and both two- and three-dimensional drawing. This provides the initial inspiration for designs and is often incorporated directly into her pieces.

Ruth designs through making – photographing, gathering, drawing, collaging, model-making and sampling – to problem solve and develop her ideas until they become refined, well-made, wearable objects.