Amanda Maltwood and Greta Kaniok

Amanda Maltwood and Greta Kaniok are the mother-daughter creative team behind MAMM + MYRGH Goldsmiths based in Cornwall.

MAMM is mother Amanda Maltwood, an experienced Goldsmith with over 30 years experience as a jobbing Jeweller. MYRGH is daughter Greta Kaniok, a freelance Jewellery Designer with expertise in CAD design and sales consultancy.

Together, their mission is to create an internationally recognised British jewellery brand, with a distinctive design aesthetic.

Amanda and Greta combine traditional Goldsmithing skills with the latest advancements in CAD design technology.

MAMM + MYRGH’s first collection was called ‘The Mermaid’s Hoard’, drawing inspiration from the William Waterhouse painting ‘A Mermaid’ 1901.

The pair also take inspiration from the sea and coastal waters of Cornwall collecting unique objects they find beachcombing.

Their desire is to transfer texture, form and structure from these natural environments into unique and interesting contemporary wearable pieces of adornment.