Blessed Unrest


Lorna Brown


Blessed Unrest’s range of interior textiles and products make an immediate impact. The complex and skilled layering of imagery and considered colour palette work together to express a bold, maverick style.

The designs can be integrated within interior schemes both large and small-scale, commercial or domestic, used across walls, furniture or lighting.

These abstract, surface patterns and textiles introduce a splash of self-expression and individuality.

‘My work is all about the process of printing no matter what surface I am working on. I love to work with groups of selected imagery usually hand-drawn, occasionally photographic, very often expressive mark making and textural gestures. Layering is at the heart of my creative process and I work intuitively with the imagery creating abstract artworks that translate beautifully across many products. The colour palette along with the transparency and opaque quality of the printing ink gives me control over which areas of the print are seen or covered up. The unpredictable element in this working method is what really inspires me.’

Blessed Unrest designs have versatility and translate to many light and heavier weight fabrics as well as wood, paper and ceramics. There are popular product ranges available including cushions, light shades, hanging lengths of fabric and wallpaper as well as fabrics by the metre. The surfaces are printed using water-based inks, British sourced materials, using micro-manufacturing processes at her Edinburgh design studio.