Skelly Designs


Kelly Stewart


Originally from Australia, Kelly has been drawn the architecture of Edinburgh as well as London, Paris, Bristol, Zurich, Lisbon to name a few.

She has travelled extensively around Europe, scooting off to old towns when she can to make the most of its close proximity, to be immersed in a different culture and be in awe of the architecture.


Kelly discovered screen printing during an introduction as part of her illustration class and was instantly hooked. Screen printing allows Kelly to combine her drawings, mark making, handwritten elements with an element of mystery as she never knows exactly how the final product will turn out as layer is applied upon layer.

After graduating from university, Kelly knew she wanted to be in Europe for the architecture and culture so she bought a one-way ticket to London from Australia. Kelly arrived in Edinburgh, joined Edinburgh printmakers workshop and 17 years on, she’s still here.

Kelly also enjoys drawing boats, animals, birds, landscape and dogs.