Fiona Thompson

Edinburgh-based ceramic artist Fiona has been crafting unique sculptural vessels for exhibition and commission since the mid-1990s.

Each of her imaginatively detailed pieces is a one-off, hand-built with multiple layers of surface imagery applied via painting, mono-printing and photographic transfers.

In 2012 Fiona set up Cyan Clayworks, a specialist centre for creative learning and making in north Edinburgh.

Fiona’s work usually focuses on specific themes, using recognisable forms to explore a range of ideas and responses.

Her recent projects have been inspired by aspects of travel, tourism, souvenirs and taxidermy collections, building up a fascinating body of artwork with a wide-ranging appeal.

‘After doing visual research at two venues with significant natural history collections – the D’Arcy Thompson Museum in Dundee and the Bell Pettigrew Museum in St Andrews – I wanted to create vessels inspired by taxidermy to commemorate the animals I saw there.’