Alan Flannery Furniture Design


Alan Flannery Furniture Design is an independent creative practice designing and creating fine furniture to inhabit great spaces.

Alan considers his products to be special and strive to ensure they are so by taking the utmost care in their design and production.

Each edition is limited to a quantity of fifty to ensure that Alan’s practice ever-changing, ever learning and ever-improving.

Alongside his ever-expanding range of products Alan also creates one of a kind, bespoke pieces, specifically tailored to the needs of a client. He takes great pride and enjoyment in creating these custom pieces to fit a brief, space or personality.

Alan takes inspirations from many places. Inspiration often comes from organic shapes and natural processes that surround us. For example, the Tephra range of furniture is inspired by the volcanic activity and the way that volcanic material is laid down forming landscapes and then subsequently evolving through the process of erosion. This gives the pieces a fluid and dynamic form.

Other pieces in Alan’s collection such as the retrospect range take inspiration from mid-century modern furniture and the designers that created these pieces. The retrospect range looks back fondly at what is sometimes consider a golden age of furniture design.