Ailish Henderson

This artist’s work is defined by questions surrounding the impact that the events we experience have on our ongoing narrative line.  Strong memories lodged in our childhood may only come to light decades later, where they can take on new meaning and finally be understood.

Using familial ideography, storytelling, and treasured materials, a cross-discipline approach is employed.  Ailish uses her favoured mediums of non-waterproof ink pens and watercolour to first draw out her ideas. Sometimes Ailish’s designs are furthered via printmaking methods, other times mixed media and textiles.

Whatever the outcome, each one is scanned and processed to create files that can be printed onto fabric.

Working with Edinburgh-based family-run printers, Ailish prints her designs onto luxury silks to create scarves and accessories.  Completely in control of her products, Ailish hand-finishes each piece made.