We worked with Vinum Fine Wines to design bespoke pieces appropriate for gifting to their clients in the Far East. 

Their Asian clients and contacts set great store by the exchange of gifts and it was important to Vinum Fine Wines that they present something authentic, relevant to what they do as a company but also iuseful and aesthetically appealing to their clients. 

We worked with a glass artist based near their Headquarters to introduce provenance, designed glass bottle stops and carafes that were both beautiful and functional and gave them a story they could present to their clients, one of place, of process, of dedication to their craft, that their clients immediately responded to. 

This glass artist is particularly careful to identify the studio spaces with the purest water as any impurities would compromise the clarity of her glass. This commitment and attention to detail resonated with the way that Vinum approach wine selections.

“Craft Design House has solved such a tricky problem in corporate gifting to our clients. We work extensively in Asia where gifting is part of their culture… 

Craft Design House has not only resolved a major headache in the company, it has allowed us to tell our new and established clients about the story and provenance of our unique gifts whilst advocating designer studios located nearby.” 

Claire Bailey, Director of Sales at Vinum Fine Wines