Craft Design House developed an exclusive collection for the 150th anniversary of Charles Rennie Mackintosh in 2018.

Reflecting Mackintosh is a celebration of Mackintosh’s design legacy and continued relevance.

It examines the inspiration that designers and makers still draw from his works, whether intentionally or subconsciously.

The collection is as broad-ranging in its disciplines and materials as Mackintosh and The Glasgow Four were in their work. It features wood, silversmithing, ceramic, glass, block-printing, illustration, textiles, and lighting.

The Reflecting Mackintosh Collection features the works of over 20 contemporary Scotland-based designers and makers.

For the Collection, Edinburgh-based glass artist David Mola drew on the landscape paintings of Southern France that coloured Mackintosh’s final years; ceramist Carol Sinclair worked with the checkerboard pattern of Mackintosh’s fritillaria studies and developed unique lanterns; silversmith Karen Westland’s explored the strong Japanese influence in Mackintosh’s work and the resonance she found with her own style; illustrator Kate Miller created works around Mackintosh’s rich architectural output.

The project yielded pieces that were genuine responses to Mackintosh’s legacy, the result of highly personal musings about how contemporary design has been influenced by the pioneering ways in which Mackintosh worked.