Craft Design House has developed an exclusive collection for the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci in 2019. 

The collection typifies both da Vinci’s invention and pioneering design and his reverence for antiquity.

The collection has been realised by leading and emerging designers and makers throughout the UK and in Italy. The collection features techniques that have changed little in the past millennia and contemporary processes including 3D printing alongside materials as diverse as Italian Carrara marble and Harris Tweed.

Our Leonardo da Vinci Collection highlights some of his less-well-known stories and creations, drawing on his extensive notebooks. The collection aims to shed light on da Vinci’s exceptionally broad-ranging genius, rather than relying on his “blockbusters” like the Mona Lisa.

Every piece is a desirable and functional piece of jewellery, homeware or an accessory, each piece an opportunity to delve deeper into da Vinci’s experience.