Craft Design House is
a multidisciplinary
sustainable design studio
established in the
heart of Edinburgh

We champion innovation, increase the visibility of craft and design communities, nurture up-and-coming designer makers and invest in the preservation of traditional skills. We curate, design and project manage bespoke collections in-house and for B2B clients.

We connect customers with designer makers and products with processes. We celebrate exquisite pieces that are crafted with passion and designed to be used.

Our Story

Craft Design House was established by founder and creative director Gillian Scott’s determination to keep craftsmanship alive and thriving.

Having grown up in Italy, the heart of craft, fashion and design, Gillian was shaped by a culture passionate about design and handmade, elegant, useful pieces made for the every day.

For Gillian’s 18th birthday her mother commissioned a handcrafted Italian leather bag from the local leatherworker. 

The personal nature, the detailed work on the bag and the craftsman’s story fascinated her. 

Thus, started a lifelong love affair with craft and design.

Advising tourism businesses in Scotland and abroad gave Gillian the chance to indulge in her passion and visit local designer maker studios.

She realised that like tourism, they could also benefit from specialised marketing and business development assistance.

At the same time, she was well aware of the financial costs of marketing for her tourism clients.

Gillian had a lightbulb moment when she realised the enormous potential for craft and design as a marketing tool.

It would allow her to support designer makers and provide cost-effective creative marketing solutions for her tourism clients.

The idea for Craft Design House was born.

Craft Design House works with B2B clients helping them to reap the benefits of bespoke design.

We curate, design and project manage bespoke collections of homeware, accessories and fashion, focused on delivering your marketing goals, so that you can:

  • expand and engage your audience
  • increase your revenue and brand awareness
  • develop great business relationships