Craft Design House is a multidisciplinary sustainable design studio established in the heart of Edinburgh

Our Story

Craft Design House was established by founder and creative director Gillian Scott’s determination to keep craftsmanship alive and thriving.

Having grown up in Italy, the heart of craft, fashion and design, Gillian was shaped by a culture passionate about design and handmade, elegant, useful pieces made for the every day.

For Gillian’s 18th birthday her mother commissioned a handcrafted Italian leather bag from the local leatherworker. 

The personal nature, the detailed work on the bag and the craftsman’s story fascinated her. 

Thus, started a lifelong love affair with craft and design.

Our Inspiration

Advising tourism businesses in Scotland and abroad gave Gillian the chance to indulge in her passion and visit local designer maker studios.

But the independent studios she knew and loved were disappearing, priced out by mass-manufactured goods in a consumer-driven society that was causing immense harm to the planet.

Gillian dreamt up a business that would support designer makers by expanding their audience, promoting their skills and sustainability credentials for creating bespoke retail and marketing solutions.

It would educate its audience about the impacts of consumer habits on society and the planet, prompting more conscious manufacture and buying habits.

After thorough research and a lengthy development process, Craft Design House was born in 2016.

Our Business

We have won two innovation awards from Scottish Enterprise, a Zero Waste award, and have been shortlisted for the Women in Business and Arts and Business Awards.

At Craft Design House, we champion innovation, increase the visibility of craft and design communities, and nurture up-and-coming designer makers.

We invite customers to learn about the processes of craft and design through workshops with our designer makers and sessions at our Mending Boutique.

We create experiences that engage audiences on subjects including provenance, raw materials and sustainable making, connecting customers with designer makers and products with processes.

We produce exquisite story-led and lasting pieces, crafted with passion and designed to be used.

“There are no language barriers with design – there are no borders”

In January 2020 Gillian Scott was invited to speak at the Edinburgh chapter of Creative Mornings on the subject of Roots.

“We heard from Gillian Scott, who treated us to an incredibly personal, emotional and thought-provoking talk about her life journey, and how it led her to creating Craft Design House. Craft Design House launched in 2016 to provide the perfect balance for this fast-moving and consumer-driven society. A purpose-driven enterprise with a vision to revive heritage and keep traditional skills at the forefront. The aim, to connect customers with creators and celebrate inspirational, timeless and tactile pieces that are made with passion and designed to be used Gillian made us laugh and cry in equal measures ending on this quote: “Don’t wait for something massive to happen before you make the changes you want to make in your life. Adjust your sail.” Find out more here.

Presentation photo credits to Luca Franzi – Grazie Luca!